One individual’s amazing story describing his path to success!

IMG_0967Please read this great story by Mr. Scott Michael Robertson, Autism and Access to the American Dream. Mr. Robertson shares his own story how he overcame difficulties as an individual with autism, and is now serving on the Labor Department’s Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Youth Policy Team. His story is inspiring,  how he struggled  with sensory, socialization, executive functioning and motor skill difficulties, but worked through these issues to achieve successful employment. His position enables him to advocate for people with autism that have the skills but need increased opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities!

As this story reveals, the possibilities are endless for our students to have a goal, see a vision and achieve it! There are many challenges. We need to assist our students, guide them when needed, and encourage them to go for it!  It is important to have accurate information to provide them with direction to take the proper steps to achieve their goals. I look forward to working with my students to achieve their dreams, and I look forward to seeing increased opportunities for all individuals!


PhotoCred: M.Flanagan, 2012

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