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Education-Health Care Transition (Ed-HCT)

I invite you to visit this Prezi presentation titled “Student” that I created for my first Ed-HCT course at the University of Florida (Summer C, 2015).


I am learning so much and am becoming more aware of the needs of students with whom I work. I also continue to grow excited,  knowing that I am on a voyage to help  further improve the lives of  students! I see the union of the health care profession of which I am a proud practitioner (Occupational Therapy) with the setting that I love working (Education), to prepare students to achieve their utmost levels of independence possible in post-secondary education, vocational training and/or community participation- wherever their lives take them!

The accompanying literature, along with citations, is available on one of the first blogs of this cite. Feel free to explore!

Another shining example!

Please read this article ~ Marriott Opens ‘Hotel School’ To Teach Persons With Disabilities Valuable Job Skills ~  about the “Courtyard by Marriott Muncie at Horizon Convention Center” where students train for the Erskine Green Training Institute.  To quote,  “A one-of-a-kind private, postsecondary program and lab for people with disabilities, the Institute provides vocational training for a variety of jobs in the hotel, food service and healthcare fields”(Erskine Green Institute, 2016).


It is very exciting when individuals with disabilities learn skills to achieve the ability to live and work in the community!



Erskine Green Institute. (2016). A one-of-a-kind private, postsecondary program and lab for people with disabilities, the Institute provides vocational training for a variety of jobs in the hotel, food service and healthcare fields [Facebook About status]. Retrieved from

Photo credit: Erskine Green Institute. (2016). Retrieved from


Autism can be an asset in the workplace!

The article, “Autism Can be an Asset in the Workplace, Employers and Workers Find” lists concerns regarding individuals with autism finding successful jobs, and is full of ideas to start us thinking about how to address those concerns (please click  here to read the article). Noguchi (2016) reports,

As the population of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder keeps growing, so does the number of people with that diagnosis who aren’t finding employment.

When we learned that last year — that about 40 percent of people were never getting employment or continuing their education — we wondered, ‘Why is that, and what happens to them?’ “

Young people on the spectrum — just like other young people — are eager to live independently and work, she and her team found as they looked deeper. But social services aimed at helping children overcome early deficits in communication and problems with social skills become less available as those students get older.

It is time to address these concerns. To get these young adults living as independently as possible, participating in society, and ready to work!




Reference: Noguchi, Y. (2016, May 18). Autism can be an asset in the workplace, employers and workers find. Shots: Health news from NPR. Retrieved from

One individual’s amazing story describing his path to success!

IMG_0967Please read this great story by Mr. Scott Michael Robertson, Autism and Access to the American Dream. Mr. Robertson shares his own story how he overcame difficulties as an individual with autism, and is now serving on the Labor Department’s Office of Disability Employment Policy’s Youth Policy Team. His story is inspiring,  how he struggled  with sensory, socialization, executive functioning and motor skill difficulties, but worked through these issues to achieve successful employment. His position enables him to advocate for people with autism that have the skills but need increased opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities!

As this story reveals, the possibilities are endless for our students to have a goal, see a vision and achieve it! There are many challenges. We need to assist our students, guide them when needed, and encourage them to go for it!  It is important to have accurate information to provide them with direction to take the proper steps to achieve their goals. I look forward to working with my students to achieve their dreams, and I look forward to seeing increased opportunities for all individuals!


PhotoCred: M.Flanagan, 2012