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Covering the Treasure Coast.

Occupational Therapy is an

allied health profession that uses

assessment and intervention

to develop, recover, or maintain

the meaningful activities of life.

Occupational Therapy for children can include

self-care skills (dressing, grooming, feeding);

fine motor skills, handwriting, organization;

sensory processing or self-regulation;

gross motor skills: whole-body movements

that involve balance and coordination;

leisure skills such as play,

hobbies and sports.

Occupational Therapy for adults

can address activities of daily living &

instrumental activities of daily living

(such as cooking, cleaning,

transportation, laundry, finances),

work skills, leisure skills; executive function tasks;

to increase one’s ability, level of independence and confidence.

Occupational therapy has a

unique focus and skill set that enables

support to individuals in transition that includes

independent function and self-determination

in the school, employment and community settings,

to support their goals.

Achieving health, well-being, and

participation in life through engagement in occupation is

the overarching statement that describes

the domain and process of occupational therapy

in its fullest sense (AOTA, 2014).

With Treasure Coast OT,

services are individualized for

the client’s interests and personality.

Therapy sessions vary in

frequency and duration.

They can be scheduled several times per week,

once per week, once every 2 weeks,

or on a monthly basis,

depending on the client’s needs.

Sessions focus on increasing independence

during daily activities

and improving one’s ability

to participate in other functional

and/or recreational activities.

Our services are flexible:

we will meet in your home,

in the community,

via teletherapy,

or at our office;

wherever is best to meet your goals.

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In Occupational Therapy,

we work to help you navigate the path of your life with

improved skills, more confidence and increased independence.

Treasure Coast OT

MrsKatieOTR, LLC, dba Treasure Coast OT

Serving the Treasure Coast

Office Address:

2770 Indian River Blvd, Suite 313

Vero Beach, FL 32960

Please contact for mailing address.

Email: TreasureCoastOT@mrskatieotr.com

Phone: (772) 217-9376 Fax : (833)478-1300

Intake Paperwork

Once you have set up an appointment for an initial evaluation, you’ll receive an email with an invitation to the secure Client Portal.

When you have signed up, you can fill out intake paperwork and send secure email messages to Treasure Coast OT if you have sensitive information to share.

The state of FL does not require a doctor’s order for Occupational Therapy to be provided. However, if plans are to submit to insurance for partial reimbursement, please obtain an order from your doctor for Occupational Therapy Evaluation and Treat; and also contact your insurance provider to determine their policies, as not all insurance providers do so.

{ https://floridasoccupationaltherapy.gov/help-center/does-an-occupational-therapist-need-a-signed-prescription-from-a-physician-authorizing-ot-services-in-the-state-of-florida/ }

Treasure Coast OT accepts private pay. Please review our fee schedule (click here).