Occupational Therapy: An Informal Survey

I would love to know what YOU know and/or think about Occupational Therapy and OT Practitioners. In any answer, please do not share Protected Health Information; this is simply a survey so I can learn what my readers believe and/or know.

Thank you!- Katie


1. What do you believe Occupational Therapy (OT) is?

2. Where do occupational therapists work?

3. Are you related to anyone who practices OT?

If so, where does he/she work?

4. Have you and/or a family member every received therapy from an OT?

Without providing their name or any specifics, please describe the setting where OT was provided.

Remember: do not include any Protected Health Information. https://www.hhs.gov/answers/hipaa/what-is-phi/index.html

5. Do you know the different specialties of practice in OT?

6. What do you wish you knew about OT?

7. What is your favorite item of knowledge/trivia about OT?

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