Monthly Archives: July 2017

New Chapter

On August 5,  I will graduate from the University of Florida College of Education! I will have completed my Master of Education in Special Education with certification in Education-Health Care Transition Specialty.  Two years ended with a new chapter to begin.

While I have been on this study, I have continued to work full time as Occupational Therapist for the school district in which I live. I love my job! My students are so important to me, as are my colleagues and coworkers. I have great respect for the leadership at my schools as well as the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) department. People been very encouraging and supportive, listening to me share what I’ve been learning and my ideas to implement, tools to use, ways to expand and “do this” & “do that”- all to support our students! I am grateful for the patience and tolerance provided.

I look forward to continuing my quest.  I look forward to taking steps in support of my students and their families as they grow and prepare for transition to the  paths they choose.  As I no longer have required reading and assignments, my time for chosen reading and exploration has expanded.   I plan to use this site to share with you what I continue to learn. It is truly amazing, the knowledge that is available through books, the internet, social media, professional development/continuing education, and conversations! I will share links to pages available online as well as share ideas resulting from what happens in my day-to-day and professional life.

I love being an Occupational Therapist; I love working in education. I am so blessed to work in this setting. Both fields have the capacity to change lives.  Changing lives for the better is my goal. Inspiring others to change lives for the better is a goal of mine, also. Let’s work together to help our children and young adults in their success.