Executive Function

Executive Function Skills- such an important area to discuss, this set of skills that influences a person’s ability to complete tasks functionally and independently. These skills are managed by the frontal lobe of the brain.  As noted by WebMD (2005-2016), executive function helps one:

  • Manage time
  • Pay attention
  • Switch focus
  • Plan and organize
  • Remember details
  • Avoid saying or doing the wrong thing
  • Do things based on your experience.

Executive function skills develop from infancy until adulthood. All children and young adults are developing these skills as they grow and progress through life and through school.  Some students need extra assistance and direction to use these skills functionally, maybe due to frontal lobe injury, ADHD, or learning disabilities, just to name a few potential reasons. As we work with our children/students in transitioning through each school setting – grade school, middle school, high school, after high school – we may need to provide them with training, to fine tune the areas needed to achieve more independent executive skills and/or adaptive methods to overcome tasks more difficult for them to achieve.

In recent readings, I have found several articles regarding executive functioning issues for students- one article for each level of education. Understood.org is a website that addresses  learning and attention issues. It is an amazing source of knowledge regarding needs that some students demonstrate in the classroom and in life!  Regarding executive function skills, here are those links for information regarding each level in life cycles:

I recommend reading these articles for helpful ideas. And then explore this website, it is full of definitions, information, and great articles!


Understood.org ©2014-2016 Understood, LLC. All rights reserved.

WebMD. (2005-2016). What is executive function? Retrieved from  http://www.webmd.com/add-adhd/guide/executive-function

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