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Occupational Therapy: An Informal Survey

I would love to know what YOU know and/or think about Occupational Therapy and OT Practitioners. In any answer, please do not share Protected Health Information; this is simply a survey so I can learn what my readers believe and/or know.

Thank you!- Katie


1. What do you believe Occupational Therapy (OT) is?

2. Where do occupational therapists work?

3. Are you related to anyone who practices OT?

If so, where does he/she work?

4. Have you and/or a family member every received therapy from an OT?

Without providing their name or any specifics, please describe the setting where OT was provided.

Remember: do not include any Protected Health Information.

5. Do you know the different specialties of practice in OT?

6. What do you wish you knew about OT?

7. What is your favorite item of knowledge/trivia about OT?