Happy Mother’s Day 2016

I am having an emotional day…This is my first mother’s day not being spent with my son, since 1995 – when he was born. My son is a student at the University of Florida, beginning his senior year (Go Gators!). He is experiencing his own period of transition. Graduating from high school, moving away to college, managing his own bank account, driving I-75 and the FL turnpike alone, moving into an apartment off campus, changing majors, getting a job, attending to his own medical crises without my help… All learning experiences for him (and for me!).  Now, he did not have an Individualized Education Program (IEP), does not use Section 504 for accommodations or have special health care needs, so our transition experience is different than most of the students/ families I work with. In my role of OT practitioner in the high schools, being involved with students at different stages in their life and with different diagnoses, I am constantly reminded how amazing the parents of my students are!

I read this article last night on TheMighty.com and I hope you will read it.

Happy Mother’s Day to all: to those with children with special needs and to those with neurotypical kids. I hope you have a special day,  and encourage you to celebrate your role in your child’s life!


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