My name is Katie Harris. I am an Occupational Therapist,  have been in practice for almost twenty years.  I am currently a school-based OT Practitioner, working in multiple educational settings. The students that I work with have a broad range of diagnoses. I love to work with so many different and special students. At this time,  I am also a distance learning graduate student, with my studies focused on Education-Health Care Transition (Master’s  Degree in Education, Train Well Online Academy at the University of Florida). It’s great to be in school again!  I am very interested in exploring research/studies and increasing my knowledge of paths and ideas to work with students and their families where they are today and on into their transition planning. Working on this degree is exposing me to even more information.

This blog is to share what I am learning as I explore and grow. As noted, I am a distance learning student and sometimes wish I had ‘friends’ to talk to about all the great discoveries I find! As much experience as I have in Occupational Therapy, I feel as though I am on a new endeavor. It is very important to me to  enable successful transition for students to the post-secondary role of their choice, as possible. This may include post-secondary education, vocational education, supervised employment, community participation, and more.  Some students and families need a great deal of assistance and training, some simply need guidance.

I look forward to exploring the many facets of Occupational Therapy, Education, Special Education, Transition Planning and how it all  works together. I hope you enjoy exploring this path with me. Thank you!


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