Universal Design for Learning ~

Universal design for learning (UDL) addresses accesses to learning and the curriculum for all students, not just those identified as having disabilities (Post, 2015).

I am researching UDL and am expanding my knowledge a great deal!  As an Occupational Therapist that works in the school system, my focus usually tends to be on students that have been identified with special needs. However, I know that my role also includes supporting students and consulting with professionals to enable success for all in the setting.  I intend to share my research as I go along, but I am here to ask for input from readers of this online journal. What do you see that enables success for many students, that levels the playing field?  Please share any tools, programs, and/or support that you have observed that have helped a student (or something that helped YOU!).  I look forward to your response!

Thanks, Katie


Post, K. M. (2015).  Occupational Therapy and Universal Design for Learning, American Occupational Therapy Association. Retrieved from  https://www.aota.org/~/media/Corporate/Files/AboutOT/Professionals/WhatIsOT/CY/Fact-Sheets/UDL%20fact%20sheet.pdf


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