Who are the stakeholders in your student’s plan?

Let me introduce you to Joseph. Or Josephine. Either way, let’s call this student “Joey”. Joey is a student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), or a Section 504 plan. Joey has a supportive family. Joey needs support to succeed in the school setting. Joey also needs support and direction to participate in the community.

Joey has a group of stakeholders in his/her life. These are people that have input, ideas, education, therapy and support to provide and to enhance Joey’s life from Early Intervention/Pre-K to Primary Education, through Secondary Education to Graduation/Post-secondary transition planning. These stakeholders are part of Joey’s life, education, and community participation.
Let’s review the list of potential stakeholders:

  • Parents/Guardians
    Family Members/Friends/Peers
    Personal Companion or Assistant
    Advocate/Legal Advocate
  • Teachers: General Education teacher(s)
    Special Education teacher(s),
  • Paraprofessionals
  • School based support/IEP team: Resource Specialist
    Student Support Specialist
    Guidance Counselor
  • Related Services: Speech-Language Pathologist
    Occupational Therapy practitioner
    Physical Therapy practitioner
  • Community based: Vocational Rehabilitation
    Community organizations
  • Health Care: School Nurse/ Health Care Assistant
    Physician/ Specialist
    Clinical therapy practitioner

Who is involved in YOUR student’s life? If you are Joey, who else is involved in YOUR life? It is important for the stakeholders to work together to prepare Joey to actively participate in and complete school, transition to post-secondary education/vocational training/community participation, and increase health care awareness. All of these are  important for an optimal life plan for every student with special health care needs. Actually, for all students!
I have explored the term synergistic effect- “An effect arising between two or more agents, entities, … that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.”
When a collaborative relationship among the stakeholders is successful, the synergistic effect will enable success with more efficacy than each member of the team working singularly, for the benefit of Joey!
I welcome input to help me expand this list, to be complete. Who is missing from the above list?

(BusinessDictionary.com. (2016). Synergistic Effect. Retrieved from http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/synergistic-effect.html#ixzz465O94K1B )

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